Tired of pushing the scaffold around or climbing ladders with no ability to carry equipment? Why not use one of Hunter Access Equipment's full range of  Diesel or Electric Scissorlifts lifts to help complete your next project? All of our units are work ready, well maintained and WHS compliant. To learn more about our scissorlift range please click the link below.


Are you looking to reach new heights? Hunter Access Equipment supply both Straight & Articulated Knuckle Booms as part of our extensive range. With heights ranging from 34' up to 135' you can be rest assured we have the machine to cover your job safely. To learn more please click the link below.


Do you have a heavy load to move? Telehandlers have fast become a necessity onsite to ensure equipment/materials can be moved around swiftly and most of all safely. Our range of telehandlers include 2.6T x 6M through to our 4T x 13M units, Hunter Access Equipment can also supply attachments from buckets to crane jibs ensuring the units are both cost effective and versatile. To learn more please click the link below.

Hunter Access Equipment

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Reaching heights safely while remaining cost effective can prove challenging for any business, here at Hunter Access we can provide quality solutions to the most difficult of problems.

Our expert staff hold over 50 years of "combined experience" in providing access equipment to practically every major-minor and in between project on the eastern seaboard.Hunter Access Equipment have the expertise and equipment to ensure your project runs on time and within budget.

If you are looking for quality advice the first time around give us a call today 1800 194 929, one of our EWP specialists can look at your site and discuss your requirements at any stage of your project.

Hunter Access Equipment proudly 100% Australian, Independent and Local.









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